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Commission Slot [Available]:

1. JaayAnon | Paid in Full | (10%)

2. JaayAnon | Paid in Full | (5%)


Reently Done [Last 7 Days]:

1. 1. JaayAnon | Paid in Full | (Delivered)

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Note: Now you can apply commission request through My Website
Personal use ONLY

Welcome my future client!

  So today I decide to start doing commission because I have a lot of time to spend for drawing now. I'd like to have some experiences in order to improve myself, and I want to take a serious step in art. I love to achieve something new, I love to explore more, and I also want to build good reputation here, those are the reason why I want to take commission. Although I have some other reason i.e. to upgrade my DA account to Core Member, and to upgrade some art-related stuff as well. :D (Big Grin)  

  Please read the whole instructions below carefully before asking.

Table of Contents

    • Price List & Category
    • Samples
    • What I Do
    • What I Don't Do
    • What You Will Get
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Commission Process
    • How to Apply



1. JaayAnon | Paid in Full | (70%)

2. JaayAnon | Paid in Full | (50%)





1. JaayAnon | Paid in Full | (Delivered)

  • 25% sketch
  • 25% line art
  • 10% base color
  • 35% shading and lighting
  • 5% finishing


Hezakiah5 (


Price List & Category

- [Sketch Only, Sketch + Colour] will be MORE ROUGH than THE SAMPLES I provide in this journal (due to my technique changes)
- [Sketch + Colour] will only use CELL SHADE technique
- [Lineart, Lineart + Colour] QUALITY will be as CLOSE as THE SAMPLES
- [Lineart + Colour] will be provided with SOFT SHADE + CELL SHADE technique

A. Sketch Only (a little rough)
  • Head-shot : 5 USD (paypal) or Rp50.000,00 (Bank Indonesia) per character;

  • Half-body : 10 USD (paypal) or Rp100.000,00 (Bank Indonesia) per character;

  • Full-body : 15 USD (paypal) or Rp150.000,00 (Bank Indonesia) per character;

B. Sketch + Colour (cell shade)
  • Head-shot : 10 USD (paypal) or Rp100.000,00 per character;

  • Half-body : 15 USD (paypal) or Rp150.000,00 per character;

  • Full-body : 20 USD (paypal) or Rp200.000,00 per character;

C. LineArt Only (clean artwork)
  • Head-shot : 10 USD (paypal) or Rp100.000,00 (Bank Indonesia) per character;

  • Half-body : 15 USD (paypal) or Rp150.000,00 (Bank Indonesia) per character;

  • Full body : 20 USD (paypal) or Rp200.000,00 (Bank Indonesia) per character;

D. LineArt + Colour (soft shade + cell shade)
  • Head-shot : 15 USD (paypal) or Rp150.000,00 (Bank Indonesia) per character;

  • Half-body : 20 USD (paypal) or Rp200.000,00 (Bank Indonesia) per character;

  • Full body : 25 USD (paypal) or Rp250.000,00 (Bank Indonesia) per character;
  • Other category is negotiable.

* Price might vary due to complexity
** Last update (20 April 2016)


This is sorted from the latest to older artwork, your commission art quality would be as close as the latest one.


Rickysketch by keiartMelodisketch by keiart
Ryansketch by keiartAgnessketch by keiart
HaikyuuDoodle3 by keiart
Commissioned Art for Mobis-New-Nest by keiart

Doodle3 by keiartDoodle4 by keiart

Saitama by keiart  Jail3 by keiart
  Lancerporto by keiart

Sketch + Colour

Commission Art for Hezakiah5 by keiart
Ricky by keiart Melodi by keiart

Ryan by keiart Agnes by keiart

Nishinoya Yuu!! by keiart

GilgameshxSaberLily - Ahoge by keiart  Jason Todd and Tim Drake 2 by keiart
Tim Drake and Jason Todd Sketch by keiart


Xion-lineart by keiart
Quinsketch by keiart

Lineart + Colour

Commission Art for JaayAnon - 1 by keiart
11th grade quintet by keiart


What I Do

  • Original;
  • Fanart;
  • Human and human like creatures (vampire and elf are included);
  • Straight pairing;
  • Light yaoi/boys love/shounen-ai;
  • Light yuri/girls love/shoujo-ai.

What I Don't Do

  • Hentai;
  • Hardcore yaoi/yuri;
  • Gore;
  • Mecha;
  • Furry;
  • Chibi;
  • Animal.

What You Will Get

  • Digital file in JPG/PNG (B5, 300dpi);
  • Transparent/simple background.

Terms and Conditions

  • Personal use only. Commercial use such as selling and making money from it are prohibited;
  • Paid in Full payment or Partial payment. If your total payment is under 50 USD, you can only select Paid in Full method;
    Partial: First half-payment (50%) before I start to sketch, later-payment (50%) after the commission is finished;
    Paid in Full: Pay 100% before I start the commission. 
  • No refund, but you can ask me to do a little corrections;
  • No bid and run;
  • Commission will be done 1-14 days/artwork since it started;
  • I will give you my contacts including e-mail, and other contacts if necessary.
  • You are allowed to share the artwork, but please credit me if you don't mind;
  • Claiming the artwork as your work is prohibited;
  • I will not publish the highest resolution of the commission work to public, but I might post it in very low res/cropped for portfolio purposes.

Commission Process

  1. You apply through PM/note (before sending note, please read How to Apply section first);
  2. I send you details about payment through PM/note;
  3. You pay me the first payment (50% of total);
  4. I start to do your request, finish it, and show a very low-res of the final result;
  5. You pay me the later payment (50% of total);
  6. I send you the final B5 JPG file.

How to Apply

  Via Website/Form (faster process and respond)
  1. Click here to proceed;
  2. Fill out the form;
  3. Click Send Form;
  4. Wait until next confirmation from me.

  Via DeviantArt Note (fast respond)
  1. There are two kind of commisions, pick one:
    • OC Commision, is a service offered to create/draw your original character;
    • Fanart Character, is a service offered to draw existing character of anime/manga/film/game/etc.
  2. Start a new PM/note;
  3. Fill the subject with OC Commission or Fanart Commission;
  4. If you are taking OC Commission, then copy-paste and fill this form in the note;
  5. (jump to the step 5 if you are going to take Fanart Commission); 
    • Commission category: [check Price List & Category section]
    • Number of characters:
    • Characters info: (name, gender, height, weight, overall look)
    • Characters appearance (such as outfit, pose, characteristic, etc)
    • Payment option: Paypal/Indonesian Local Bank [pick one]
    • Picture references' link: (if available, the more the better)

  6. If you are taking Fanart Commission, then copy-paste and fill this form in the note;

    • Commission category: [check Price List & Category section]
    • Number of characters:
    • Character's info: (name, gender, anime/cartoon/book/game title): 
    • Characters appearance: (such as outfit, pose, characteristic, etc): 
    • Payment option: Paypal/Indonesian Local Bank (pick one)
    • Picture references' link: (if available, the more the better): 

  7. Send it;
  8. Wait for 0-2 days. I will reply your message, I will also send you the payment details if your commission request accepted.

Last updated: 20 April 2016

If you have any question, ask me directly through comment or PM/note.

Thank you for visiting and commissioning me! Love 


keiart's Profile Picture
Willy Kei
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I'm an amateur artist from Bandung, Indonesia. I specialize in digital art. I'm trying my best in order to improve my own skill and style. I use Deviantart to connect with other people and artists in the world, and to put my journey on art as I aim to become a professional artist.

English is my tertiary language, sorry if I do some mistakes.
Thank you for visiting my gallery.

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